Is the moon out tonight ?

  Think of what adventure a full moon has in store. Tonight, go out and marvel at the sky with a loved one while you wrap yourself in a Pendleton Full Moon blanket. You never know what the night could bring. This is a limited collectors numbered … [Read more...]

Have You Seen This Man?

Looks like Waldo's hiding in Rhinebeck again this year. This July, see if you can spot him in some of your favorite stores. He may be between the pages of Oblong Books and I hear he's definitely hiding around the Rhinebeck Department Store, probably … [Read more...]

Must-haves for a summer to remember!

Summer is Here and we are eager to jump right in with our exciting swim attire and matching accessories. From Pendleton, beautiful and expansive jacquard towels for couples looking to share comfortably on the beach, like the one seen here in the … [Read more...]