For over a hundred years, Pendleton & Woolrich have  been synonymous with quality and style in men’s woolen and  or cotton shirts.

Come into our store and find out why Pendleton & Woolrich are legendary for men’s apparel for over a century.

Since that time these companies introduced their classic clothing for men & women.

Although much has changed the companies we deal with are reliable. Their clothing remains some of the best made, best tailored and most durable outdoor clothing anywhere in the world.

They are Authentic American Classics.

Seasonal ties, belts, hats, corduroy pants, shorts, jackets, outerwear, sleepwear, flannel shirts, jeans, jackets, Dockers, polos, t-shirts, socks ,wool shirts, tailored white shirts  and much more…

Featured Brands

 Columbia * Outback Trading * Pendleton * Stetson * Viyella *  Woolrich

Other Brands

Alynn * Begg  * B.Ella * Coldpruf  *  Dockers * Dorfman Pacific  *  Fownes  *  Gold Toe  *  HOT SOX * Jockey *  Levi’s *  Manzella *  Perry Ellis  *  Rainforest  *  Terramar * Ultraclub *  Wigwam