Rhinebeck Department Store Featured in Rural Intelligence

Dick_Schreiber_Barbara_SchreiberThis week, Rhinebeck Department Store was featured in Rural Intelligence, an online journal for people who routinely do business and seek recreation and entertainment in four counties—Berkshire, Columbia, northern Dutchess and northern Litchfield—that are spread over three states, and which treats this uniquely sophisticated region as one big neighborhood. The article, entitled “The Rhinebeck Department Store: A Bit of History Repeating,” profiles Rhinebeck Department Store’s owners Barbara and Dick Schreiber and how our store came to be.

The owners’ attention to detail is evident; no inch in this compact space is poorly used; if the store is going to carry a dozen brands, they’re going to carry the best of what that brand has to offer. The Rhinebeck Department Store is comforting in its simplicity.

Part of the Rhinebeck Department Store’s charm lies in the meticulously restored space itself, which had a crumbling foundation and inexplicable layout when the Schreiber’s fell for it.  …Continue Reading

Thank you to Rural Intelligence for taking the time to write about Rhinebeck Department Store!  You can read the full article here.

Rural Intelligence

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